How to add a Podcast to Mixcloud

Last Updated: May 06, 2015 03:18PM IST
How do I get my Podcast on Mixcloud?

In 2 simple steps we can setup your Podcast.

1.) Create an account on Mixcloud 

2.)  Send us the link to your Podcast RSS feed via this form.

Mixcloud works with existing RSS feeds of MP3 Podcasts (not M4A), so you can maintain your current setup. We hook everything up on the backend and should have you setup in within 3 days.

Note we don't yet support M4A format Podcasts.
Why should I add my Podcast to Mixcloud?

Mixcloud is the world's largest collective of Podcasters, radio presenters and DJs. By distributing your Podcast on on our platform you will enjoy many benefits which include:
  • More listeners: Reach the Mixcloud global audience of audio enthusiasts
  • Free Embeddable player: Embed your Podcast on your website, blog, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Advanced metrics: Go PRO and get discover where your listeners and coming from, what device they are listening on, and more.
Does Mixcloud strip out any advertising I have in place?

No. Mixcloud leaves your Podcast intact.

What if my Podcast is already on Mixcloud and I didn't know it?
Sometimes listeners ask us to include their favorite Podcasts on the platform. We always attempt to reach the Podcast creators, but should you wish to opt out just let us know via our support channel.

How do I know how many downloads I'm getting through Mixcloud?

Mixcloud tracks play counts instead of downloads. This is a more accurate metric that tells you if your listeners are actually tuning in, rather than just auto-downloading, and can be seen on each Podcast page.