Why can't I listen? Licensing rules by country

Licensing restrictions

Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service with agreements with various Collecting Societies around the world (who in turn pay royalties to labels and artists based on their individual recording and publishing deals).

These agreements
stipulate certain rules (known as the "Sound Recording Performance Complement Rules" around what type of radio shows and DJ mixes can be listened to on Mixcloud:

US Rules:
Maximum 4 tracks by an artist (and max 3 consecutively)
‚Äč- Maximum 3 tracks from an album (and max 2 consecutively)
- Maximum 3 listens to a show during any 2 week period

As music lovers ourselves, we understand that this may be frustrating, and we are working on new frameworks with rights-holders to build a better service for everyone.

In the meantime, if you are a label or artist that owns the master sound recording rights in question, you can reach out to Mixcloud via this page for a potential solution.