Hints and Tips

Below are some Hints and Tips that we have found help gain listeners for your shows:

  • Make sure your tagging is accurate. Accurate tagging of your upload with the correct genre is crucial to the response it will get. We recommend that you use at least one of the major genres or topics. Incorrect tags, such as “Hip-hop” on an EDM mix, will negatively impact your ranking in search results.
  • Use descriptive titles for your uploads, and avoid using ALL CAPS, as people tend to associate this with spam.
  • Add a thorough and accurate tracklist. The artists that appear in your tracklist will show up in a Discover search. To find out more about tracklisting, see more here
  • Use an attractive cover image when uploading your show. People are far more likely to play a show that has a gripping image, rather than say, a plain grey cover with some text on it.
  • Connect your Mixcloud profile to your social media to let your listeners know where to find you and so that actions on your shows are reflected outside of Mixcloud. Find out more at http://www.mixcloud.com/settings/connections/
  • Use Repost effectively. This can boost your visibility and the number of listens you get for a show. Find out more here