Repost: What is it and how to use it

Why repost content? 

Reposting content on Mixcloud is a great way to share content you like with your followers, to reach a greater audience and to actively contribute to the community as you grow your channel.

  • Spread your content to a wider audience
  • Combine and connect content from multiple profiles
  • Become a renowned curator to grow your audience
  • Connect and support your fellow Mixclouders

How to use the Repost feature

  • If your content is uploaded on other profiles, you can easily Repost it to make it appear on your Stream
  • Let your fans know what else you like listening to by Reposting all content you enjoy listening to
  • Do you have multiple profiles? With Repost you can cross-promote all your uploads

You'll receive a notification when someone Reposts your uploads, but you can always turn off this preference in your settings.

  • Curate your favourite content on to your profile
  • You can discover new music by seeing what your favourite artists Repost
  • When you Repost content, it will show up in your followers' Feed
​What if I want to undo the repost?
  • Just click on the Repost button again to remove it from your Stream and the Feed.

Where can I find the Repost button?

  • You'll find the Repost button on the main Feed, and on individual show pages and on users' Stream