Shows: How to edit your show

Editing your Mixcloud show

You can edit your show by going to the show page.

To do this, go to the relevant show you want to edit, there you will find the "Edit" link in the tab below:

Once you're in the show editor, you can change various things such as: 
  • Image: Use an attractive image that puls users in to click it. If you are doing a mix series, use consistent branding to stamp your identity in users' minds (good examples: Carl CoxFact Mag, LDBK)
  • Description: Add a description and put in links to your social channels such as Twitter or Facebook
  • Tracklist & Timestamper: Add a tracklist and time-stamp your shows - this helps with music discovery and is one of the most beloved features on Mixcloud. It's an important part because it will make your shows show up when people are searching for a specific artist, genre or track
  • Tags: Tag your mix with 2 of your own tags + 3 popular Mixcloud tags to increase the probability that your show will be found through search