Upload Fail: Why does my upload keep failing?

Last Updated: May 14, 2015 02:59PM IST
Mixcloud uploads failing

Here's a list of the various common factors that might cause your upload to fail:
  • Often it is an Internet / network problem: If you could clear your browser cache and restart your computer that sometimes helps. Alternatively, try re-encoding your file to a lower bit rate and using a different computer or Internet connection.
  • Sometime it can be simply an issue with your browser rather than with Mixcloud, so we always recommend that you try using another browser - as this often solves the issue.
  • File size can also be an issue: from our experience anything over about 500MB is simply too big - there are too many opportunities for network issues either during the upload or when playing the file. We recommend you encode the file at a lower bitrate or, if necessary, split the file into multiple parts (which will likely help you anyway - people are unlikely to listen for hours in one go).
  • File format is also a common cause: we noticed there are certain formats which are more likely to cause problems (for example, m4a). Try uploading an mp3 file instead.

If none of the above fixed your problem please contact us, making sure you include as much information as possible about your problem (screenshots, details about your browser, step-by-step description, screenshots etc.)