Playlists: How to create and edit a playlist

Editing and creating playlists

Playlists are a big part of the Mixcloud experience. They help you organise your favourite content and they are easy to create and edit your favourite selection of mixes and shows.

How to create a playlist: 
  1. Go to a show you would like to add
  2. After you've clicked the ‘+ Add to’ button to create the playlist, you'll see that the name of the New Playlist is editable.
  3. To give the playlist a name, just begin typing and hit Enter.
  4. Go to the next mix
  5. Click ‘ + add to’
  6. Click on the playlist you created
  7. Repeat this action whenever you want to create a new playlist.

You can arrange the shows within a playlist at any time, by going to the playlist’s page and clicking ‘Edit Playlist’. This will enable you to drag and drop your playlist in your preferred order, as well as remove mixes by clicking 'x' next to their title (on the right hand side).