Tracklists: How can I add a tracklist to my show?

Add your tracklist manually

There are a few ways for you to add tracklists to your uploads:


  • Manually insert the artist’s name along with the trackname in the designated box
  • Use the pre-written tracklist tool. Paste your tracknames (ideally each track on one line), click "Go magic", check if the info is right and then click save.‚Äč
  • Serato playlist tool. When uploading/editing a show, above the tracklist there’s a “ playlist? click here” link where you can enter the URL to a serato playlist page, then click “get my playlist” and it will populate the tracklist (and timestamps).
  • Traktor playlist tool. Right click your playlist in Traktor, choose Export, then save it to your desktop in .nml format. You can then simply import this to Mixcloud, and you won't have to enter your traklist details.